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Museum of Tarot - Tarot Center
44 Nguyen Khuyen Street, Ninh Kieu.
900000 Can Tho City, Vietnam
Phone: +84 7103823797
Email: contact@museum-tarot.com

St. Benedict Medals, left: c.2000, right: c.1900. 
From the collection of Amulets and Talismans

Plan of Museum

in update...

Download Brochure 

Brochure contains all information about the museum. Download here.


An anglophone/francophone tourguide is available for your visit. The reservation by form is required.

Visio/Audio Guide

The museum will give you an web application on your smartphone to access our visio/audio guide. You can easily explore our collection with this modern multi-function application. Or you can also use the traditional guide-player like other museums.

Short 15' Guide

You do not prepare money for this visit ? You just have 15' to explore the museum ? You can freely take our Short Guide, just give us some small donations as you can.

Welcome to our museum !

For more information, write to us via contact@museum-tarot.com

Woodcuts of Tarot de Marseille, created in France, c.20th century.
From the collection of Cardmaking Art.


Get in touch with the Museum


44 Nguyen Khuyen, An Cu, Ninh Kieu, 900 000 Can Tho City, Vietnam

Phone number

(+84) (0) 916416409